Come Out

How to Conjugate Come Out

  • Infinitive: Come Out
  • Present Tense: Come Out/ Comes Out
  • -ing Form: Coming Out
  • Past Tense: Came Out
  • Past Participle: Come Out
Come Out is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 8 definitions.

Definitions of Come Out:

1. To leave a place.

Examples: It had been raining when I came out of the office.
Don’t come out of your room until it is cleaned!

2. To travel out of town.

Examples: Why don’t you come out to Seattle to celebrate your birthday?
My aunt came out to Barcelona to visit me in 2011.

3. To have a particular result.

Examples: She sobbed when the pregnancy test came out negative.
What team do you think will come out on top in the World Cup?

4. To make information known or available to the public.

Examples: Recently, a professional football player came out that he was gay.
The company came out to the media about the specifics surrounding their bankruptcy.

5. To remove a stain or dirt.

Examples: If you use club soda, the stain will come right out.
Despite multiple washes, the grass stains were just too stubborn to come out of her blouse.

6. To attend an event.

Examples: Dwayne Johnson came out to give a speech in honor of Paul Walker.
All the celebrities come out for the awards shows.

7. To appear.

Examples: The sun hasn’t come out yet.
The sun always comes out in San Diego.

8. When a magazine, book, song, etc. is released.

Examples: I never buy anything when it first comes out.
Have you seen the frenzy at the mall when a new pair of Jordan’s come out?

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