Cut Off

How to Conjugate Cut Off

  • Infinitive: Cut Off
  • Present Tense: Cut Off/ Cuts Off
  • -ing Form: Cutting Off
  • Past Tense: Cut Off
  • Past Participle: Cut Off
Cut Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Cut Off:

1. To completely remove or separate a part of something by cutting it with something sharp like a knife or a pair of scissors, etc.

Examples: During the medieval period, the executioners cut a person’s head off when proven guilty of a crime.
I want to cut off the hem of the skirt and make it shorter.

2. To stop the flow or supply of something.

Examples: If my dad finds out that I’m skipping my classes, he’s gonna cut off my allowance.
The bartender cut the man off from drinking anymore alcohol.

3. When someone’s connection over the phone is accidentally disconnected.

Examples: Sandy was still talking to her daughter on the phone when suddenly they got cut off.
I’m running out of battery, so don’t be surprised if the line cuts off.

4. To prevent someone from continuing while they are speaking.

Examples: Don’t you just hate it when someone cuts you off when you’re explaining something.
Please don’t cut me off while I am talking.

5. To abruptly get in front of another vehicle while driving.

Examples: The driver was in a hurry to get his pregnant wife to the hospital, so he had to cut off a lot of people along the way.
Cutting off other vehicles on the road is dangerous.

6. To stop having a relationship with someone.

Examples: Stella has a nasty habit of cutting people off by not talking to them for weeks at a time.
Mike had to cut off his friends when he realized they were a bad influence.

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