Cut Out

How to Conjugate Cut Out

  • Infinitive: Cut Out
  • Present Tense: Cut Out/ Cuts Out
  • -ing Form: Cutting Out
  • Past Tense: Cut Out
  • Past Participle: Cut Out
Cut Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Cut Out:

1. To remove something using a knife or a pair of scissors.
[Noun] {Cutout} Refers to the material that has been cut.

Examples: They had to cut the gum out of the little girl’s hair.
The seamstress used the heart-shaped cutouts to sew onto the dresses.

2. To stop using or doing something.

Examples: Diabetics have to cut sugar out of their diets.
Can you guys please cut out all of that arguing?

3. To leave quickly.

Examples: We need to cut out before it gets too late.
Everybody cut out when they smelled smoke.

4. To stop functioning.

Examples: The mechanic said my engine kept cutting out because a squirrel had been trapped inside.
The television cut out right in the middle of a good football play.

5. When a scene, chapter, or episode is removed.

Examples: The movie director cut out one of the most intense sex scenes of the movie.
I hate when books become movies because some of the best parts are cut out of the film.

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