Fall Apart

How to Conjugate Fall Apart

  • Infinitive: Fall Apart
  • Present Tense: Fall Apart/ Falls Apart
  • -ing Form: Falling Apart
  • Past Tense: Fell Apart
  • Past Participle: Fallen Apart
Fall Apart is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Fall Apart:

1. When something breaks all at once or piece by piece.

Examples: Your car is falling apart. Look, the front bumper is gone.
I was dusting the bookshelf when it just fell apart.

2. When an agreement, plan or system fails.

Examples: The company fell apart because they put the wrong person in charge of their finances.
The vacation plans will fall apart if we include her.

3. To become overly emotional.

Examples: She fell apart as soon as she saw her dog lying dead in the middle of the street.
In the movie ‘Imitation of Life’, the woman fell apart the moment she saw her mother inside the casket. It was a very emotional scene.

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