Fall Out

How to Conjugate Fall Out

  • Infinitive: Fall Out
  • Present Tense: Fall Out/ Falls Out
  • -ing Form: Falling Out
  • Past Tense: Fell Out
  • Past Participle: Fallen Out
Fall Out is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Fall Out:

1. To fall from or through something.

Examples: The pigeon’s egg fell out of the nest and cracked on a branch.
My gum fell out of my mouth when I started laughing.

2. To become very upset or angry with someone.
[Noun] {Fall-out} Refers to when two people stop talking due to an argument.

Examples: We have fallen out many times over the stupidest things.
They had a fall-out over the basketball game and haven’t spoken since.

3. When you lose your tooth or hair.

Examples: Many women’s hair fall out after giving birth.
When your tooth falls out, be sure to place it under your pillow for the tooth fairy.

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