Fix Up

How to Conjugate Fix Up

  • Infinitive: Fix Up
  • Present Tense: Fix Up/ Fixes Up
  • -ing Form: Fixing Up
  • Past Tense: Fixed Up
  • Past Participle: Fixed Up
Fix Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Fix Up:

1. To make plans or arrangements with someone or for others.

Examples: Let’s fix up a meeting for next month.
We should fix up Brian and Brianne. They’d make a really cute couple!

2. To repair or decorate.

Examples: Carl fixed my car up for free.
We’ve just finished fixing up our guest room for our visitors.

3. To clean and/or groom yourself.

Examples: Go fix yourself up before dinner.
Annabelle always fixes herself up for her husband.

4. To prepare something.

Examples: Can you please fix me up a plate? I’m starving!
I need to fix up some snacks for the book club tonight.

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