Get In

How to Conjugate Get In

  • Infinitive: Get In
  • Present Tense: Get In/ Gets In
  • -ing Form: Getting In
  • Past Tense: Got In
  • Past Participle: Gotten In
Get In is a separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Get In:

1. To arrive or enter a place, room, building, etc.

Examples: The bank robber ordered everyone to get in the vault.
What time do you get in Sydney tomorrow?

2. To arrange for someone to enter a facility.

Examples: My uncle is a bouncer at the hottest nightclub in New York, and he always gets my friends and me in for free.
The hostess said she would be able to get us in to be seated shortly.

3. To put an object inside something.

Examples: The object of the game of basketball is to get the ball in the hoop.
I can’t get all of my clothes in one suitcase, so I need a bigger one.

4. To become involved in a problem or dilemma.

Examples: My brother and I used to always get in trouble with my grandma.
The man doesn’t get in the middle of his wife and daughter’s arguments.

5. To spend time doing a certain activity.

Examples: My friend and I got it in at the gym last night. It was a great workout!
Do you want to get in a few laps in the pool after work?

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