Get To

How to Conjugate Get To

  • Infinitive: Infinitive form: Get To
  • Present Tense: Get To
  • -ing Form: Getting To
  • Past Tense: Got To
  • Past Participle: Got To/ Gotten To
Get To is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 5 definitions.

Definitions of Get To:

1. To arrive to or assist someone to a place.

Examples: What time do you think you’ll get to work in the morning?
We need to get to the train station at exactly 9 AM.

2. To find the time to do something you need or want to do.

Examples: I’m tired, so I’ll just get to those dishes in the sink tomorrow.
He finally got to start working on his film project.

3. To reach a certain level, amount, or number.

Examples: The summit of Mount Everest gets to -36 degrees Celsius during the summer.
Jonathan will not stop playing his video game until he gets to the green level.

4. To be allowed to, or able to do something.

Examples: In most countries, they get to start drinking at 18 years old.
The group is very thrilled because they got to ride the 1,000-meter zipline.

5. To be bothered by someone or something either physically or psychologically.

Examples: Mason swore that he would never let bad thoughts get to him again.
Don’t let that bully get to you.

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