Give In

How to Conjugate Give In

  • Infinitive: Give In
  • Present Tense: Give In/ Gives In
  • -ing Form: Giving In
  • Past Tense: Gave In
  • Past Participle: Given In
Give In is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Give In:

1. To surrender to something you really don’t want to do after refraining from doing it for so long.

Examples: Jesse sent flowers to Renee every month until she finally gave in and became his girlfriend.
No matter how rough the road gets on your journey to success, never give in to the trials and tribulations you face.

2. To submit something for approval or judgment.

Examples: The students had given in their reports to the teacher before she even had to ask.
The aspiring artists gave in their sample music to the recording studio this morning.

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