Go With

How to Conjugate Go With

  • Infinitive: Go With
  • Present Tense: Go With/ Goes With
  • -ing Form: Going With
  • Past Tense: Went With
  • Past Participle: Gone With
Go With is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Go With:

1. To accompany someone to a place.

Examples: I can’t go with you to the mall right now.
Diana went with her boyfriend to the hospital.

2. To be combined together as one set.

Examples: This luggage goes with that tote bag.
This sheet set goes with a comforter.

3. To associate one thing with another.

Examples: Her accent goes with her culture.
A lot of responsibility goes with being a staff nurse.

4. To find a good match for a clothing item.

Examples: Maria thinks that your pink bag goes well with your pink sweatshirt.
I need to find a dress that will go with these shoes.

5. To agree with someone or use someone’s advice.

Examples: I have to go with Steve’s suggestion to move abroad.
I can’t go with you on this because I believe you’re wrong.

6. To make a selection.

Examples: I think I’ll go with the kale salad.
We need to decide on which wedding planner to go with.

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