Hang On

How to Conjugate Hang On

  • Infinitive: Hang On
  • Present Tense: Hang On/ Hangs On
  • -ing Form: Hanging On
  • Past Tense: Hung On
  • Past Participle: Hung On
Hang On is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Hang On:

1. When you hold something, often for support of comfort.

Examples: I’m afraid of heights, so I hang on really tight when I climb ladders.
The boy hangs on to his mother’s hand as they walk in the park.

2. [Informal] When you wait for a short time.

Examples: Hang on a second and I’ll get my manager.
The technical support representative told Ben to hang on while she searched her computer for his record.

3. When you keep something for someone or save something for yourself.

Examples: I held on to my favorite hat for a long time after it was wearable.
Can you hang on to my phone for me? I’ll be right back.

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