Hear Of

How to Conjugate Hear Of

  • Infinitive: Hear Of
  • Present Tense: Hear Of/ Hears Of
  • -ing Form: Hearing Of
  • Past Tense: Heard Of
  • Past Participle: Heard Of
Hear Of is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definition.

Definitions of Hear Of:

1. When you learn about something or someone.

Examples: I know some people who have never heard of surfboarding.
I didn’t hear of Shakira until she did a song with Beyonce called “Beautiful Liar”, and now I listen to her music all the time.

2. (Used with ‘Not’) To disagree with one’s actions.

Examples: I will not hear of you going out with boys while you are living under my roof.
Your father will not hear of you becoming a rapper.

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