Knock Off

How to Conjugate Knock Off

  • Infinitive: Knock Off
  • Present Tense: Knock Off/ Knocks Off
  • -ing Form: Knocking Off
  • Past Tense: Knocked Off
  • Past Participle: Knocked Off
Knock Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Knock Off:

1. To use force to cause someone or something to fall from its place, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Examples: The kids were running in the house and knocked the lamp off the table.
He fouled him so hard on that play that he knocked him off the court.

2. To tell people to stop doing something annoying or bothersome.

Examples: Hey, knock it off! It isn’t funny anymore.
If you guys don’t knock all that noise off, you’re going to go to bed.

3. To kill someone.

Examples: In the movie The Godfather, they were knocking off people left and right.
She hasn’t been the same since seeing her boyfriend get knocked off right in front of her.

4. To do something quickly.

Examples: The salesmen knocked off 10 cars in two hours.
The beautician knocked off her client with a trim in between clients.

5. To reduce the price or time of something.

Examples: If we take the back roads, we can knock off a good 15 minutes.
The sales lady gave me her employee discount, which knocked $15 off the price of my dress.

6. [Noun] {Knock-off} A fake version of something original.

Examples: You can find knock-off designer brands in Chinatown in Manhattan.
I bought a pair of knock-off Converse sneakers, and they are already falling apart.

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