Lay Off

How to Conjugate Lay Off

  • Infinitive: Lay Off
  • Present Tense: Lay Off/ Lays Off
  • -ing Form: Laying Off
  • Past Tense: Laid Off
  • Past Participle: Laid Off
Lay Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Lay Off:

1. When a company or business ends a worker’s employment.
[Noun] {Layoff} Refers to the jobs cut by a company.

Examples: The company had to lay off ten sales people due to lack of profit.
After the financial crash, thousands of people were laid off nationwide.
The company promised that there wouldn’t be any layoffs until next year.

2. To stop doing something.

Examples: I need to lay off the junk food for a while.
Hey, lay off me! It isn’t funny!

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