Lock Out

How to Conjugate Lock Out

  • Infinitive: Lock Out
  • Present Tense: Lock Out/ Locks Out
  • -ing Form: Locking Out
  • Past Tense: Locked Out
  • Past Participle: Locked Out
Lock Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Lock Out:

1. When you don’t have the key or passcode to enter a secured place.

Examples: Barry was locked out of the house because he had left his key inside.
After three unsuccessful attempts of entering your password, they system will lock you out.

2. [Noun] {Lockout} When an organization prohibits workers from working.
[Part Adj.] {Locked out} Refers to a time when employees are prohibited to work.

Examples: The NBA has had four lockouts so far. They were locked out in 1995, 1996,1998 and 2011.
The company’s lockout lasted four months.

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