Look Around

How to Conjugate Look Around

  • Infinitive: Look Around
  • Present Tense: Look Around/ Looks Around
  • -ing Form: Looking Around
  • Past Tense: Looked Around
  • Past Participle: Looked Around
Look Around is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Look Around:

1. To turn your head to see what or who is around you.

Examples: Look around you and see who’s there.
He looked around after he heard a loud sound.

2. To go to different parts of places and areas to see what is there.

Examples: They looked around the store, but didn’t find anything interesting.
We’ve looked around at all the beautiful houses in La Jolla.

3. To search for something you want or need.

Examples: The forensics were looking around for evidence at the crime scene.
She looked around the house for her cat, but couldn’t find it.

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