Monkey Around With

How to Conjugate Monkey Around With

  • Infinitive: Monkey Around With
  • Present Tense: Monkey Around With/ Monkeys Around
  • -ing Form: Monkeying Around With
  • Past Tense: Monkeyed Around With
  • Past Participle: Monkeyed Around
Monkey Around With is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Monkey Around With:

1. To try to play with or repair a device that you have no true knowledge about.

Examples: Are you really a certified technician? I don’t want anyone monkeying around with my computer.
Maybe monkey around with it for a bit, and it may start working again!

2. To behave in a careless and/or silly manner.

Examples: The teacher monkeys around with her students from time to time when they seem bored, and that’s why the students love her so much.
Stella is always monkeying around with everybody when they aren’t in the mood for it.

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