Pay Off

How to Conjugate Pay Off

  • Infinitive: Pay Off
  • Present Tense: Pay Off/ Pays Off
  • -ing Form: Paying Off
  • Past Tense: Paid Off
  • Past Participle: Paid Off
Pay Off is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Pay Off:

1. To repay money that is owed to a person or entity.

Examples: It’s better to pay off your credit card purchases immediately to avoid having to pay the interest fees.
He paid off all his debt when he won the lottery.

2. To give someone money so they will leave you alone or keep a secret.
[Noun] {Payoff} Refers to the money given for someone to leave you alone or to keep a secret.

Examples: The mafia pays off the police, so they won’t get arrested.
There are people who receive a payoff to keep political corruption a secret.

3. When your hard work is rewarded.
[Noun] {Payoff} Refers to the reward received from hard work.

Examples: Donna’s tutoring sessions really paid off! She aced all her exams!
Joseph stopped eating red meat, and it paid off because he lost 35 pounds.

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