Put Out

How to Conjugate Put Out

  • Infinitive: Put Out
  • Present Tense: Put Out/ Puts Out
  • -ing Form: Putting Out
  • Past Tense: Put Out
  • Past Participle: Put Out
Put Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Put Out:

1. To extend a part of your body.

Examples: All the children put their hands out when the teacher opened the bag of candy.
Don’t put your feet out of the car window!

2. To leave something out for someone to collect or use.

Examples: Can you please put out the trash before you go to bed?
Darla put out some steak for the barbecue.

3. To extinguish a fire, cigarette, etc.

Examples: Please put out your cigarette ma’am. There’s no smoking in here.
A firefighter’s job is to put out fires.

4. To issue or publish a book, newsletter, magazine, etc.

Examples: Sports Illustrated put out their first swimsuit issue back in the 1980’s.
Stephen King puts a new book out every year.

5. To expose yourself or someone.

Examples: She put herself out there when she posted a half-naked photo on Facebook.
He really put himself out there when he proposed to her on live TV, and she said no.

6. To be forced to leave a place.

Examples: He got put out for not paying his rent.
The woman was put out the store for shoplifting.

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