Screw On

How to Conjugate Screw On

  • Infinitive: Screw On
  • Present Tense: Screw On/ Screws On
  • -ing Form: Screwing On
  • Past Tense: Screwed On
  • Past Participle: Screwed On
Screw On is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Screw On:

1. To ensure the top of a container/bottle is sealed.
[Part.Adj] {Screwed On} Refers to how well the container is sealed.

Examples: Be sure to screw the bottle cap on tight, so the soda won’t lose its carbon.
The bottle leaked everywhere because the top hadn’t been screwed on good.

2. To connect parts together, typically parts with a spiral groove or with a screw.
[Part.Adj] {Screwed On} Refers to how well the spiral grooves are attached.

Examples: After the nuts are screwed on, you can add the bolts.
Linda screwed on the knobs to the cabinets after Ben installed them.

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