Sell Out

How to Conjugate Sell Out

  • Infinitive: Sell Out
  • Present Tense: Sell Out/ Sells Out
  • -ing Form: Selling Out
  • Past Tense: Sold Out
  • Past Participle: Sold Out
Sell Out is a separable and non-separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Sell Out:

1. When all the inventory of a particular product has been purchased.

Examples: The tickets to the band’s concert were already sold out by the time we arrived.
During the holidays, most of the ingredients for the traditional recipes sell out early. So it is best not to wait until the day before to go to the supermarket.

2. To do something against your moral principles in exchange for success.

Examples: Most celebrities sell out in order to reach a certain level of fame.
Never sell out, because when you get older you’ll regret it dearly.

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