Set Up

How to Conjugate Set Up

  • Infinitive: Set Up
  • Present Tense: Set Up/ Sets Up
  • -ing Form: Setting Up
  • Past Tense: Set Up
  • Past Participle: Set Up
Set Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 6 definitions.

Definitions of Set Up:

1. To organize or plan for an activity/event to happen.

Examples: All the regional coaches set up a tournament for their teams to play one another.
We should set up a celebration for Uncle Guy’s 70th birthday.

2. To start a new company, foundation, etc.

Examples: Terrence set up his company 20 years ago, and today we will celebrate the success of his business.
Many wealthy people set up charities and foundations for tax purposes.

3. To prepare equipment and/or tools for use.

Examples: The photographer is busy setting up his camera and tripod for the pictorial.
Robert asked his sister to set up the entertainment system so they could watch a movie.

4. To introduce two people that are compatible for dating/a relationship.

Examples: Please don’t set me up on anymore dates this year.
I really want to set Shaunda and Travon up because they both love to play basketball and eat junk food.

5. To be provided with more than enough money or supplies for a period of time.

Examples: The inheritance she received from her grandmother’s estate was enough to set her up for the rest of her life.
The supplies we got should be enough to set us up through the winter.

6. To trick or deceive someone.

Examples: Most movies involve a character being set up in some way.
Sarah was set up by her classmates, so she was suspended for killing her teacher’s turtle since it was found dead in her desk.

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