Stick To

How to Conjugate Stick To

  • Infinitive: Stick To
  • Present Tense: Stick To/ Sticks To
  • -ing Form: Sticking To
  • Past Tense: Stuck To
  • Past Participle: Stuck To
Stick To is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Stick To:

1. When something is attached to another by some form of adhesive.

Examples: They used a glue gun to stick the paper to the wall.
The rain caused the leaves to stick to the car’s windshield.

2. To limit or commit yourself to doing one thing, and not change or deviate from it.

Examples: We’ll cover all the topics, but let’s stick to one for now.
I should have stuck to playing basketball in college.

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