Stick With

How to Conjugate Stick With

  • Infinitive: Stick With
  • Present Tense: Stick With/ Sticks With
  • -ing Form: Stick With
  • Past Tense: Stuck With
  • Past Participle: Stuck With
Stick With is a non-separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Stick With:

1. To continue to use or do something.

Examples: Stick with the plan so we don’t get into trouble.
I’m going to stick with my method because it seems to be working perfectly.

2. To remain with people or remain loyal to them.

Examples: Dogs stick with their owners no matter what.
He has stuck with her despite her faults.

3. To be in an unpleasant situation or with an unpleasant person.

Examples: I’m stuck with my annoying brother for the weekend.
Everybody got all the classes they wanted, but I got stuck with three classes that I didn’t pick.

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