Trade In

How to Conjugate Trade In

  • Infinitive: Trade In
  • Present Tense: Trade In/ Trades In
  • -ing Form: Trading In
  • Past Tense: Traded In
  • Past Participle: Traded In
Trade In is a separable phrasal verb and has 2 definitions.

Definitions of Trade In:

1. To exchange something old for something new.
[Noun] {Trade-in} Refers to something that was exchanged for something new.

Examples: I’m trading in my laptop for a tablet.
If I were you, I wouldn’t trade in my vintage car for a modern one.

2. When someone leaves their spouse in exchange for someone younger.

Examples: He traded in his wife for a woman 20 years younger when he became successful.
These days people trade in friends and lovers like they are objects.

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