Wash Up

How to Conjugate Wash Up

  • Infinitive: Wash Up
  • Present Tense: Wash Up/ Washes Up
  • -ing Form: Washing Up
  • Past Tense: Washed Up
  • Past Participle: Washed Up
Wash Up is a separable phrasal verb and has 3 definitions.

Definitions of Wash Up:

1. To clean your face, hands, body, etc.

Examples: Jessica washed up after playing badminton.
Don’t go into the kitchen until you wash up first!

2. When an object or person is carried by water to the shore or bank.

Examples: Jean found a message in a bottle that was washed up on shore after the Tsunami.
The mountaineers used a rope when crossing the river, so they wouldn’t get washed up.

3. [Adj]{washed-up} or [Noun]{a wash up} When someone or something is no longer of good use or successful.

Examples: Your shoes are washed up. It’s time for a new pair.
The company was a wash up after the scandal.

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