Wipe Out

How to Conjugate Wipe Out

  • Infinitive: Wipe Out
  • Present Tense: Wipe Out/ Wipes Out
  • -ing Form: Wiping Out
  • Past Tense: Wiped Out
  • Past Participle: Wiped Out
Wipe Out is a separable phrasal verb and has 4 definitions.

Definitions of Wipe Out:

1. To clean the inside of something.

Examples: When you clean the refrigerator, you need to wipe out the different compartments.
Please wipe the dust out of those drinking glasses.

2. To remove or destroy something or a group of people.

Examples: The Tsunami wiped the whole village out.
The bank robbers only wiped out the safe deposit boxes.

3. To make someone very tired.
[Part Adj.] {Wiped out} Refers to someone who is extremely tired.

Examples: The football practice wiped the team out today.
What happened? You looked wiped out.

4. To lose control, which results in a failed attempt at something.

Examples: The race car driver wiped out along the curve.
Surfers love to wipe out.

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