• English Prepositions: In, At, On (Video and Exercise)

    One of the problems students taking our Skype English lessons frequently have is knowing when to use the prepositions “in, at, on.” It seems that in every language, the usage of these words is just slightly different, which causes a lot of first language interference.

    Below is a video by Teauna that shows how to use these three prepositions. After the video, you’ll find several exercises to help you practice.

    Ok, here are the exercises for In, At and On. You can write your answers in comments, and we’ll respond. 

    1. Come visit me __ my office. It is __ 4th street.
    2. I live __ the state of Montana. It is one of the largest states __ the U.S.
    3. We will meet __ 7 pm __ Friday, May 25.
    4. Let’s have dinner __ New York, __ your favorite restaurant.
    5. We are expecting to see many new students __ 2013.
    6. __ July, it is usually hot __ Montana.

    You can take another quiz on these prepositions here.

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