• English Present Perfect Video with Exercise

    One of the most difficult tenses in English for many students to master is the present perfect. It’s more complicated than it appears, partially because, even though it’s called present perfect, we can use it to talk about the past, and partially because it has 3 different uses.

    So we’ve created video to help you learn the present perfect.

    Watch the video below, and then try the exercises.

    Ok, so we learned there are 3 ways the present perfect is used in English. 

    • For an action that began in the past  but still continues.
    • For an action that happened in the indefinite past (no particular date) and is important to the current situation
    • For an action that happened in the past but the time is not mentioned.

    Which of the 3 different uses of present perfect are in the sentences below?

    1. I have lived here since 2006.

    2. You’re thinking about moving to Buenos Aires? I have lived there, and it’s nice.

    3. I have been to 5 foreign countries.

    4. I have worked here for 12 years.

    5. You like the food at the new restaurant? I’ve eaten there, and I wasn’t impressed.

    Write three sentences of your own, with each of the 3 ways of using the present perfect.

    Write your answers in comments, and we’ll respond!

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