• English Second Conditionals Video with Exercise

    We hope everyone has been enjoying our new animated video on English second conditional. This English construction is a little difficult, but it’s important for advancing your abilities.

    We use the the second conditional to talk about unreal or imaginary situations, as you will see in the video below.

    Watch the video, and then see if you can complete the exercises. You can watch more of our English videos here.


    Fill in the gaps below. You’ll use a verb in the past simple for the first part, followed by a modal verb in the second part of the sentence.

    1. If you ___  more time, you ____ be able to study more English.

    2.  If you _____ more, you ____ be healthier.

    3. If I ___ more money, I ______ work so much.

    4. If you ____ more money, you ____ have to work so much.

    5. If he ____ a lot of English classes, his English _____ be great.

    Complete the sentences below.

    1. If I had a million dollars, _____________________.

    2. If you were smart, ____________________.

    3. ________________________, I would be happy.

    4. _________________________, I would travel the world.

    5. _________________________, I wouldn’t study English.

    Now invent two second conditional sentences of your own.

     Write your answers in comments below, and we’ll respond.

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