• English Sentence Structure 2: Complex Sentences

    This is the second part in our series about sentence structure and word order. I hope that this will help our students and their writing. The video below will help explain complex sentences. These are longer sentences in English made up of one independent clause (simple sentence) and one dependent clause (incomplete sentence). Often times these longer sentences are confusing and students start making mistakes when trying to speak or write them. Watch the video below and do the exercises:

    Write your answers in comments, and we’ll respond.

    Use the subordinates below to create sentences:

    because, after, before, if, since, while, when, once

    _______she left for Mexico                          _____ the play had finished          ____I’m tired      ________ she was seeing other men.

    _____we get the final approval              ______she saw me                    ______she was making dinner


    1. He didn’t see her __________________.

    2. I came home late __________________.

    3. ______________________, I’m going to have some coffee.

    4. ______________________, Paul went to the gym.

    5. He was really angry with her, ___________________.

    6. I’ll finish the project ______ we get the final approval.

    7. _________________, I looked the other direction.

    Use the relative pronouns below to create the second type of complex sentences. 

    that she bought from the bakery                                            which had died two weeks ago                         who won the race                                     where we are going to eat

    1. The girl ______________ was from Kenya.

    2. The place _______________ has a really good atmosphere.

    3. The cake ________________ is amazing!

    4. The computer__________________ needs to be taken to the computer repair specialist.


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