• English Verbs with Infinitives of Purpose (Video and Exercise)

    You may not know if you have a problem using infinitives of purpose with English verbs. It’s not the kind of thing we usually talk about, or think about, on a normal day. But English students frequently have problems with this construction, so we’ve got a video and exercise to help you.

    What is it?

    Here are some examples of infinitives of purpose: to get, to buy

    Here is an example sentences using them:

    I went to the kitchen to get salt.

    I walked to the store to buy groceries.

    The infinitives of purpose answer the question “why?” Watch the video to learn more.

     Complete the exercises below using an infinitive or purpose. If you write your answers in comments, we will correct them.

    I moved to the city __________.

    We went to the beach __________.

    I walked to the park ________.

    They drove to the gas station _______.

    She opened the window ________.

    He rode his bike ________.

    I went to the gym _______.

    I drank all the beer _______.

    I am learning English _______.

    If you’re a Spanish speaker, you’ll enjoy this article on verbos en inglés.

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