• English Word Order with Adverbs (Video+Exercise)

    Do you have difficulty with word order in English? Here is our second video and exercise to help with this. This time we will practice word order with adverbs, with the general rules and the exceptions.

    Here’s an example of two sentences with adverbs. One of them is incorrect. Watch the video to see which is correct, and more importantly, to learn why.

    Always I go to the gym.

    I always go to the gym. 

    Place the adverbs in the correct part of the sentence. Write your answers in comments and we will correct them. 

    1. We were in New York. (last week)
    2. She waited. (patiently)
    3. My brother goes skiing. (always)
    4. Your bathroom is. (upstairs)
    5. We don’t go swimming. (in winter)
    6. Dogs can hear. (well)
    7. I saw her. (there)
    8. My friend speaks Mandarin. (fluently)
    9. I have heard that song. (never) / (before)

    Ok, that’s it! We hope you enjoyed this exercise. Contact us if you would like to try an English class via Skype.

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