• Europe’s Refugee Crisis: A Listening Exercise

    The refugee crisis in Europe seems to be getting more serious. As the European governments and the EU struggle with decisions there seem to be a lot of citizens that are willing to help. Here is a listening exercise that is inspiring and hopeful for such a depressing topic.


    Answer the questions below in comments and we will respond.

    1. What is the difference between what is happening in Macedonia compared to a normal refugee camp?
    2. Why was the first young man warned by the Taliban?
    3. How often does she go to the train-tracks where the refugees are waiting to board?
    4. Who does she say is sleeping on the streets?
    5. Why should he walk by the train tracks?
    6. Why do the refugees need the Serbian papers?
    7. How many refugees did she see before June?
    8. These are people not _____.
    9. Do the local people in Macedonia support the refugees?
    10. Does she think the refugees should be able to seek asylum in Europe?

    Tell me your thoughts on the refugee crisis in Europe. Has your country agreed to take in refugees?


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