• Fed Up, Sick Of, Tired Of, Had Enough Of: English Phrasal Verbs and Expressions

    Are you fed up, sick of, tired of or have you had enough of something? These are all ways of using phrasal verbs for expressing that something that has been irritating you, and that you want the situation to end. Below you’ll find some examples, and a great song to help you remember “tired of.”

    Fed Up:

    A lot of people are fed up with their politicians. They want them to stop thinking about elections and do something for the people.

    I’m fed up with the traffic in my city! It takes me too long to get to work.

    Sick Of:

    I’m sick of this song, they play it on the radio every five minutes.

    They were sick of being treated poorly by their neighbors.

    Be sure to see how “sick of” is sometimes mistranslated, as in the popular song Sick of Love. Click here.

    Tired Of:

    They’re tired of being treated like children.

    I’m tired of bein’ alone, just like Al Green.

    Had Enough Of:

    I had had enough of the arguing at the bar, and went home. (Notice the use of have as an auxiliary and past particple).

    I’ve had enough of the terrible food on the airlines. Now I bring my own food.

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