• Food in the United States: It’s not all Hamburgers and Hotdogs

    One of my favorite English lessons to give students is about food. We talk about what they eat in their country, and ask what dishes and cuisine they associate with different countries, including Mexico, Japan and the United States.

    When I ask what food they associate with the United States, they almost always say hamburgers and hotdogs. Or Mcdonald’s, or fast food in general. I’ve been trying to convince them that there really is a variety of food here, that it’s not all hamburgers and hotdogs and fast food, but it’s been hard for me to pin down just what I would call cuisine from the United States.

    So, rather than try to explain it with words anymore, I’m going to start posting a regular series of photos to show people just what it is we eat in the U.S.

    Here’s two I took with my iPhone in the last few weeks:

    This is the pastry case at my favorite local coffee shop in Whitefish, Montana. I had the chocolate raspberry bread.


    Brussels sprouts from the local Farmers Market.

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