Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Classes
All classes are individual with native English speakers. Classes are given with live voice and video via Skype. The teachers are all experienced professionals.

Can you teach any level, even beginners?
Yes, our teachers are professionals and are experienced at teaching students of all levels.

Do you teach children?
Yes. We have teachers who specialize in this. We recommend 25-minute classes for children.

What time does the calendar show?
Your local time that you set during the registration process. Example: when you book a class at a certain time it will be at that time in your time zone.

Can I have classes whenever I want?
Yes, you choose the day and time for each class. If a time you want is not available, contact us and we’ll try to find a teacher for that time.

Can I Have the Same Teacher for Each Class?
You can choose the teacher for each class, so if the teacher you want is available, yes. You can also try different teachers whenever you want.

How much are the classes?
Prices are from $19.99 to $24.99 USD per hour. We do not have subscriptions, you pay for the number of classes you want.

Do we offer Corporate Discounts?
Yes! We’ve got really flexible plans, often with no contract, no minimum student guarantee. Contact sales[@] for more information.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes. Here’s how:

When you get to the “Check Out” page in the buying process, click “Billing Information,” and add all of the information necessary for your invoice here.
To find the printable invoice, click “User Account” (
Then click “Order History,” and you will see all purchases you have made via our system.
Click “View Order” for the purchase that you want an invoice for.
Click “Printable Invoice” and you will see the full invoice.
Need to make changes? Go to “User Account” again and click “Address Book.”

Already made a purchase, but need an invoice? Just start at step 2.

Can I Cancel a Class?
Classes can be canceled for a full refund with 12 hours or more before class. If there are less than 12 hours, your class will only be refunded if another student schedules the time slot.

What if my teacher doesn’t attend the class?
We try to make this as rare as possible, but it does occasionally happen. Click on the link to the class, either in the calendar, or in the email we sent. Mark the teacher as a no-show. We will sort it out and refund your class.

How many classes per week should I take?
You can take as many classes per week as you want. If you only want to maintain your English at the same level, one class a week is fine. If you want to improve your English, we recommend a minimum of two classes per week. Of course the more classes you take, the faster your English will improve. You can even do your own intensive courses, taking two-four hours of classes per day!

How long will it take for me to become fluent?
Some companies offer a guarantee that you will become fluent in a certain number of days. That is marketing. Becoming fluent, or proficient in a language depends on how much time you have to study each day, and how much time you can set aside for classes. We will say that students who take 2-3 classes per week usually see a huge improvement after a year. And we’ve had students go from being beginners to fully conversational in 1 year.