• Fun in the Snow: Talking About Your Winter Holidays with Help from Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Winter holidays (or winter vacations) are a great source of enjoyment for all the family. They cover two of the year’s most important celebrations, Christmas and New Year and are a welcome break for people from early morning starts for work or study in cold mornings.

    If you want to talk about your winter break with a native English speaker, here is some vocabulary that might help:

    What kind of holiday did you take?

    Do you go on a winter sports holiday?

    Do you go on a winter activity holiday?

    Were you on an adventure break?

    Are you an adrenalin junkie? (do you like fast-paced holidays?)


    Do you look for peace and quiet (relaxation) on your holidays?

    What did you do on holiday?

    Did you go on a ski break?

    Were you on a snow safari?

    Were you snowboarding?

    Was there some trekking involved in your holiday?

    Did you see dog sledding (dogs pulling sleds over snow)?

    Did you visit an ice hotel?

    Did you sip hot apple cider in front of the fire?

    Did you have hot cocoa?

    Did you enjoy the après ski (drinks and socializing after skiing)?

    Where did you lodge (stay) on your holiday?

    Were you at a ski resort?

    Did you stay in a ski chalet?

    Did you stay in a log cabin?

    Were you in a villa?

    Were you lodging in a rental apartment?

    Did you stay with acquaintances (people you know)?

    What are the advantages of a winter break?

    Is it an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones?

    Did you view it as a break from the daily grind (daily routine)?

    Is a winter break a chance to experience a different climate or different surroundings?

    Did it ease your winter blues? (This is a term which refer to a short-lived depression/ sadness that effects people during the dark winter months)

    What are the disadvantages of a winter break?

    Did the holiday break your budget (was it expensive)?

    Was it more difficult to get back into your daily routine after your winter vacation?

    Did you have the post-holiday blues when you came home?

    While you think about the winter wonderland where you enjoyed (or are enjoying) your break, let’s enjoy Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song Snow.

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