• Get Them Reading: A Guide to Books in English for Preschool Children

    A great way to help children to learn English is to get them fun books in the new language that they can enjoy at play or bedtime.

    Reading is also a wonderful way to supplement your child’s English classes.

    Here are some recommendations for preschool readers:

    Margarent Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon may have been written in 1947 but it remains a favorite with young children today. It is the story of a bunny whose bedtime ritual involves saying goodnight to various things in his room like a balloon, some kittens and, of course, the moon he sees through his window. Clement Hurd’s illustrations are famous for their attention to detail and help bring the story to life.

    Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

    Katharine Holabird’s Angelina Ballerina series has been a hit with preschool children for over 25 years and will probably be already familiar to your child as a result of the television series based on the books. The series follows the trials of Angelina, a little mouse who wants nothing more than to become a ballerina. Her parents finally allow her to attend ballet school so that she can achieve her dream.

    Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird.

    If there are two things young children love, they have to be messing in the kitchen and birthday cakes. These two things are brought together in Eve Rice’s Benny Bakes a Cake. In this book, young readers watch little Benny make a birthday cake with his mother only to see it eaten by Ralph, the dog. Dad comes to the rescue with a new cake that saves the day and the birthday party.

    Benny Bakes a Cake by Eve Rice.

    Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is another favorite with preschoolers. Max puts on a wolf suit and watches his room turn into a forest. Encounters with a wide range of wild creatures follow.

    Teaching children to express themselves in English can be great fun.  Well-known actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ gets it right with her book Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day.  The books explores 13 different moods with young readers and even includes an emotion wheel at the back of the book where your little ones can talk about their own emotions.

    Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis.

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