• Get Them Reading: Books in English for 10 Year Olds

    A great way to supplement your child’s English classes it to get them reading in English. There are plenty of options for 10 year olds, from old classics to new favorites, girly treats and scary (but not too scary) science for boys.

    Here are some of the best books in English for 10 year olds:

    With the popularity of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia in film format, the first book of the series, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe makes a great and timely book gift for young readers. They will probably already be familiar with the plot surrounding the magical world of Narnia entered through a wardrobe and characters of the White Witch and lion Aslan, but now they will have the opportunity to let Lewis’ words bring the classic story to life.

    British author of Norweigan descent, Roald Dahl, is a very popular author with younger readers. His novel James & The Giant Peach is a great choice for 10 year olds. It features a huge magical peach with its band of friendly insects who help a young boy escape from his two horrible aunts.

    Now, for something entirely different. Children love a scare that’s not a big scare. The R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series is great at this. The books mix horror with science fiction for younger readers.

    Introduce the ten-year old girl in your life to the joys of foreign travel with the Melanie Martin novels by Carol Weston. Melanie in Manhattan and With Love from Spain, Melanie Martin are two of the titles in the series. Your child will learn about the history and art of the places visited through Melanie’s history buff dad and art teacher mother.

    Most little girls love a story about princesses. Gail Carson Levine’s The Princess Tales is one of the best in the genre with its play on stereoptypes and humor. Expect more than one prince and even some tuna in chocolate cake.

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