• Would you do this if you got robbed? A listening exercise.

    What Julio Diaz did after being robbed in the subway is courageous, compassionate and perhaps a bid dangerous. What do you think? Have you ever been robbed? Julio has a great bronx/Spanish accent. You’ll notice sometimes he elongates his ‘e’ sounds.

    This listening exercise uses audio from StoryCorps.

    Click here to go to the audio version of the story. It will open in a second window.

    Answer the questions below in comments, and we’ll reply.

    1. Where did the robbery happen? What weapon did the teenager have?

    2. Why does he give him coat?

    3. What does he invite him to do?

    4. What happens at the diner? What does the young thief think about Julio?

    5. What questions does Julio ask the young thief?

    6. Who pays for the bill?

    7. Why does the thief give him his wallet back?

    8. What does Julio give to the thief and what does the thief give to Julio in return?

    9. What is Julio’s view of the world?

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    Have you been robbed? What was your situation? Were you scared?




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