• Grammar Exercise: Mixed Conditionals

    I had a Spanish class this morning and my teacher worked with me on the subjunctive tense. So…as payback I’ve created a lesson on mixed conditionals.

    Just kidding, about the payback part. Although I did realize how confusing it gets when you are trying to speak in a mixture of times, which is what we do during normal conversations. Unfortunately or fortunately we don’t usually speak in a formulaic manner, so during conversation we talk about the future and the past and the present all at the same time. Here is a somewhat formulaic look at mixing our times in conditionals:

    Watch the video and try the exercise below:
    1. If you __________ (insulted) him yesterday, he _______ __ ____ to the wedding tomorrow.
    2. If she __________ (accepts) the promotion, she ____ __ ____ to Brazil in 2015. (future using will)
    3. I ________ ______ (speak) fluent Spanish, if I ____ lived in Spain for 10 years.
    4. He _____ _____ ____ (left), if he ____ _____ (known) you were coming.

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