• The Homeless Superheroes of Hollywood

    Having a nice, comfortable place to call your home is often something that we take for granted. Homeless people often find inventive ways to make money in order to survive the harsh conditions of living on the street. In today’s post we will look at some of those creative ways to earn a dollar or two. Practice your English listening skills.

    There was some interesting vocabulary in that video, don’t you think? Have a go at the activity below to see how many of the words you understand. Can you match the vocabulary to the correct definition?

    English Vocabulary:

    Good work! Next we have a few listening comprehension questions for you. Can you answer the questions below by writing in the comment section? We will get back to you!

    English Listening Skills: Comprehension:

    1. Who are the two movie characters interviewed in the video?
    2. Where do the two characters live?
    3. How does Tyler (the first character) make money?
    4. What has Christopher (the second character) been doing for 25 years?
    5. What is Christopher addicted to?
    6. Now that Christopher is homeless, where does he keep most of his Superman memorabilia?
    7. How much money in donations did Christopher receive?

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