• How does your phone know where you are?

    This English listening exercise looks at something that has always fascinated me Рthat scientists are able to solve incredibly complex problems with crazy solutions.

    So, how do you make a phone that knows where you are on earth? With clocks, of course!

    To find out how clocks help you know your location, and to improve you English listening skills, watch the TED-ED video below, and try the exercise.

    1. The answer lies 12,000 miles over your head, in an orbiting satellite that ____ ____ to the ___ ___ an atomic clock.
    2. What does the above sentence mean?
    3. Woo! Let’s ____ that ____.
    4. What does the above phrasal verb mean?
    5. What is the problem with using the speed of light to measure distance?
    6. How precise are some atomic clocks?
    7. Let’s ____ ___ ___ that you’re almost definitely on earth.



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