• How to use Direct and Indirect Objects (Video with Exercises)

    One of the most difficult things to explain to our students is the use of direct and indirect objects in English. In particular, students have difficulty with verbs that require both an object and an indirect object. They are known as ditransitive verbs.

    The video below gives a very detailed explanation of how to use ditransitive verbs.

    Exercise: rewrite the following sentences putting the indirect object before the direct object.

    Here is an example:

    My sister sent a new scarf to me.

    My sister sent me a new scarf.

    1. Paul told a secret to her.

    2. My mother left some food for me.

    3. I promised to give my golden ring to her when I die.

    4. Teauna baked huckleberry muffins for Paul.

    5. The president awarded the purple heart to the soldiers.

    6. I’ll lend a necklace to you that matches your dress.

    7. I read a book to my daughter this morning.

    8. The doctor prescribed penicillin to my grandmother for her infection.

    9. The waiter served some delicious food to us.

    10. I ordered a new coat for her because it is almost winter.

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