• How to Use the Future Perfect in English (video and exercise)

    This is the first of two videos/exercises on advanced future forms in English. The future perfect appears complicated when someone gives you the definition of it: The future perfect is used to express an idea that something will be completed or finished before a specific time in the future.

    In the video below, Teauna draws a timeline, and uses it to illustrate future perfect in a few sentences.

    Watch the video, and then try the exercises.

    Create sentences in the future perfect using the prompts below. Write your answers in comments and we will correct them.

    Example: By tomorrow morning.  ->  I will have slept for a few hours by tomorrow morning.

    1. By tomorrow morning.

    2. In 5 years.

    3. In 10 years.

    4. In 100 years

    5. In 1000 years.

    6. In 25 minutes.


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