• Improve Your English While You Sleep – Listening Exercise

    Should you stay up late to study English tonight, or close the books and get a good night’s sleep? According to this TED video, you and your English may be better off with more sleep.

    Check out the TED video below about how sleep improves your memory, then see if you can complete our listening exercise.

    Answer the questions in comments, and we will correct them.

    You might be ____ __ closing the books, ____ ____ the music, and ____ to sleep.

    What is our misunderstanding about sleep?

    It ____ __ that sleep is also crucial for your brain.

    What does the hippocampus do for memory?

    What happened to HM after his hippocampus was removed?

    What 2 factors do they mention that influence memory?

    What, according to the video, is the best time to sleep after studying a language?

    Do you give yourself enough time to sleep? Do you think that studying less and sleeping more would help you learn?

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