• Jaws! A Classic Movie English Listening Exercise

    Today I discovered a great channel on YouTube that I didn’t know about before, Movieclips. This channel has clips from many famous American movies, including lots of classics.

    For today’s listening exercise, I selected a great moment from a movie that I really loved when I was young, Jaws! After seeing this movie, I was afraid to swim in anything other than a swimming pool for a long time. Watch the clip below, then try answering the listening questions. This clip has a lot of phrasal verbs. You can study them here.

    Answer the questions in comments, and we’ll respond.

    1. Quinn talks to someone on the radio. Who is trying to contact them? What does he tell them? (The conversation takes place in the first 55 seconds).

    2. What is Orca?

    3. Go ___ ___! “What for?”

    4. I need to have something in the foreground to ____ ___ ___ ____.

    5. Hooper! __ __ up, will you?

    6. Hooper, ____ __ __ now, tie it on.

    7. Alright! Let’s see how long that barrel takes to ___ ___ __.


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