• Kissing Strangers – Listening Exercise

    I watched this video and it made me smile, so I thought I should share it with our students. The ‘kissers’ have a lot of interesting questions due to the awkwardness of the situation, so it makes a good English¬†listening exercise.

    It also is an interesting study in human intimacy.

    Try the listening exercise and the writing, enjoy!


    1. Do we ________ do this anytime?
    2. Can you ____ __ the lights?
    3. Shall we ____ ___?
    4. Since your an actor, _______ ____ this before?
    5. What was your name, _______?
    6. Are we good to ____?
    7. Nice to ____ you. Yes, a _____.
    8. _____ we make-out more?

    Writing Exercise: Would you ever do this experiment? Why or why not? Does it feel different because it is actually a commercial? How do you feel about the relationships between the kissers before and after their kisses? What do you think has changed?

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