• Learning English for Christmas in Montana

    Christmas in Montana is special and I wanted to share a bit of the culture with our students. Also I’m going to give you some weather and local vocabulary.

    Below you’ll find a video from the Whitefish Christmas Stroll, but first, review this vocabulary to prepare you.

    English Christmas Vocabulary:

    • stroll (v) another word for walking casually or slowly for enjoyment.

    Example: The Christmas stroll is an event in most small cities in Montana. Usually there are different winter sport like games or events and there is some shopping and a lot of street food.

    • Keg (n)-a big barrel or bucket of beer.

    Example: The dogs pull a 25 pound keg harnessed to them and the dog with the fastest time wins the event.

    You’ll also see some of the dog sled team in their warm truck. You might notice the odd dog out. Christmas lights decorate the town and usually there is a lot of snow covering the ground.

    • dump (slang)-when it snows a lot.

    Example:  I hope we get a big dump before Christmas.

    • powder (slang) a very light snow.

    Example: The skiing was so good, there was a lot of powder.

    Here is a complete vocabulary list for Snow in English

    Snowflake-single piece of snow – Each snowflake is unique. 
    Frost-snow or ice that has formed on a surface – The cars windows are frosted.We got our first frost of the season.
    Flurries-snow falling in circular pattern due to the wind – The weather is predicting flurries until 4PM.
    Accumulation – quantity of snow that has fallen and not melted. – There will be 5-6 inches of accumulation. 
    Snow drift-piled snow by wind or by machine. That is a big snow drift!
    Blizzard-when snow falls with wind and visibility is very low. There is a blizzard coming and we recommend not driving. 
    Whiteout- snow combined with wind and fog to create all white conditions where it is impossible to see. Whiteout conditions are reported on the highway. 
    Sleet snow with rain – I love snow but hate sleet. 
    Slush melting snow on side walk or roads. Wear your boots it is slushy on the sidewalks.
    Black ice black hard ice on road that is difficult to see.
    Crust top layer of snow/having melted and frozen again. Oof, the skiing was crusty today. 
    Slopes snow/having fallen on mountainside/for skiing. Lets hit the slopes today for some great skiing. 
    Hard Pack hard smooth snow/for skiing
    Mogul bump of snow/for hopping while skiing.  I’m not great at skiing moguls. 
    Grapple-hard pellet like snow. Is it snowing? No, it’s grapple. 

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our students!

    Remember if you want classes over the next couple of weeks, schedule early as many of our teachers are taking some time off to spend with their families.

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